Chikinki - All Eyes

All Eyes


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Chikinki - All Eyes

Displaying the softer side of Chikinki, ‘All Eyes’ has been edited from the full length version on their acclaimed album ‘Lick Your Ticket.’ The last few months have seen the band play all the top festival stages including the NME stage at V and multiple appearances at Glastonbury, of which the NMEsited their performance as‘one of the top 5 bands to check out.’

As ever the mix package is a strong one with an awesome remix from Six Fingers, a man of mystery but notably the digits behind the recent much tipped Freeform Five ‘Strangest Things’ release. Finally on this promo you have a classic Deadly Avenger remix, with trademark solo strings and crunching bottom end.


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  1. All Eyes (Radio Edit)
  2. Stay Lost